Collection: Power Banks & Portable Chargers

Need a boost? Oz Phone Repairs has you covered! Our power banks are the ultimate sidekicks for your on-the-go lifestyle. Forget about battery blues; whether you're in the middle of a hike or a long meeting, our range has everything from sleek, pocket-sized chargers to mighty, multi-charge powerhouses. Charge up and take on the world! With our power banks, you're always connected!

Choose Your Power: Mcdodo, Hoco & Mophie Powerstation 

Energise on the go with our select range of power banks. Mcdodo's magnetic wireless power bank for Apple Watch brings sleek efficiency, Hoco offers durable reliability with its capability to charge multiple devices simultaneously, and Mophie Powerstation packs a high-energy punch with its incredible battery capacity.

Compact Power, Mighty Performance: Portable Power Banks

Power meets portability in our collection. From handy portable wireless chargers to robust power banks, our devices blend top-tier quality with convenience. Stay charged in style, whether you're on a quick errand looking for wireless & fast charging or a week-long business trip needing reliable laptop power banks.

More than Power Banks: Gear Up at Oz Phone Repairs

While picking your perfect power bank with USB A or USB C ports, why not gear up with more? Discover our range of wall chargers, TikTok creator tools and more! We'll help you find the tech accessories that complement your dynamic lifestyle.