Collection: Wall Chargers

Need a quick charge? You're in the right place at Oz Phone Repairs! Our wall chargers are all about speed and efficiency. Tailored for modern tech users, our collection features everything from ultra-lightweight chargers to versatile multi-port wall adapters. Our reliable, high-quality wall chargers are here to keep you connected.

USB Wall Chargers for Your Convenience

Perfect for those who need a quick and efficient power solution, our USB-to-wall chargers are designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Whether you're at home or on the go, these chargers, featuring a wall plug with USB, provide reliable charging for all your devices. Compact, powerful & convenient, our fast-charging USB-C wall charger or dual wall adapter will keep your phones & tablets fueled and ready.

Dual and Multi-Port Wall Adapters: Power Multiple Devices at Once

Juggling multiple devices? Our wall adapters are perfect for you! Our range includes dual USB-C wall adapters, ideal for newer gadgets, providing efficient charging without the clutter. Transform a single outlet into a charging station for all your devices. 

Discover More at Oz Phone Repairs: Phone Chargers and Beyond

At Oz Phone Repairs, we offer much more than fast and efficient charging solutions. From stylish Coach phone cases to robust iPhone screen protectors, we have everything you need to enhance and protect your tech. Explore our shop now.