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Tech21 Evo Clear Anti-Yellowing Phone Case for iPhone 14 Pro

Tech21 Evo Clear Anti-Yellowing Phone Case for iPhone 14 Pro

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This completely clear and scratch-resistant case showcases the original design of the device while keeping every element protected. It’s made with advanced anti-yellowing materials that guard against discolouring for the lifetime of the device.

Ready for Impact
A totally transparent case that resists scuffs and scratches in all the toughest tests. Ready for everything modern life throws at it, this sturdy case offers up to 12ft multi-drop protection.

As well as extra layers of protection and built-in microbe-reducing technology, this case has intelligent and advanced anti-yellowing agents that stop any unsightly discoloring – for the lifetime of the device.

  • Impact Protection: 12ft (3.6m): Independently tested for multi-drop protection.
  • Built-In Hygiene Protection: Advanced antimicrobial technology.*
  • Anti-Yellowing: Made with UV-resistant materials that guard against yellowing and discolouring.
  • Scratch Resistant: Self-healing properties keep the device looking as good as new.
  • Wireless Charger Compatible: Reaches the full power of a wireless charger.
  • Enhanced Camera Protection: Engineered to protect the phone’s most vulnerable tech.
  • Easy-to-Press Buttons: Ultra-responsive and compatible buttons.
  • Non-Slip Grip: Lightweight materials and easy to hold.
* Advanced antimicrobial technology protects the case against odor, staining or material degradation-causing microbes.
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