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Zeus Lightning Impact Screen Protector for all iPhones

Zeus Lightning Impact Screen Protector for all iPhones

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Designed by Technicians

Created by industry technicians who fix phone screens everyday.

Stop Damaging your Phone Display

Cheap screen protectors cause damage to the original phone display.


Our latest Dr Boom™ Zeus Lightning Impact Screen Pro

Forget old screen protectors and experience real Impact Protection™ with the most advanced Nano Technology screen protection. 

Impact Disbursement: Advanced formulation designed to disperse the impact, reducing the amount of transmitted force to the screen.

Shock Absorption: Specially designed material structured to absorb and protect from shock. Strengthening the screen.

Anti-Bubble: Easy smooth application with strong adherence and scratch-resistant properties.

Durability: Super long-lasting product that will not break or crack to leave dangerous shards impacting the use of the device. Great protection that lasts.

Multi-Layer Protection: High-density thermal multilayer design to enhance protection and performance.

Easy Clean: Specially coated to stay clean and easily kept clean for perfect visibility.

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